Furniture Repair Distribution are now distributors of Touch Up Solutions and we will soon be stocking this range. Touch Up Solutions have a vast range of products and services to help with furniture and cabinet repair and finishing.

Touch Up Solutions is an independant family owned company and one of the largest supplier of wood repair and touch up products in the USA. Their product collection and range of colours is huge. Due to large volumes of production, the prices are very competitive.

Wood repair methods in the past have tended to be the extremes of either the felt pen approach or French polishing. With the demise of French polishing trade and the high cost of using polishers combined with their old techniques, an alternative is required.

The product range can be broken down into three categories:

  • Products that require no training and if used incorrectly will not damage the furniture. Designed to be used by consumers, delivery drivers, sales staff, etc.
  • Medium skill products and techniques that require a minimal amount of training and some care so as not to damage the furniture.
  • Skilled products and techniques that require a minimum of a 1 day training course.