Wood Training Course: Touch Up Repairs For Wood

Attend a Concentrated Course in Wood Furniture Touch-Up Repair - A Good Investment.

Furniture touch-up and repair personnel taking advantage of this course should be able to repair damaged finishes on wood including laminates and veneers. You will eliminate costly mark-downs and expensive, time-wasting freight requirements. Anytime a furniture retailer can convert a damaged piece of furniture into a full mark-up item, he is saving money and increasing his profit potential. Damaged furniture just will not sell at the full market price; however, damaged items can be repaired so that the repair cannot be recognised.

This Touch Up Solutions course will take you step-by-step through your most common touch-up and repair problems...

* Damaged Analysis * Replacing Colours
* Filling of Damages * Grain Replacement
* Sheen Adjustment * Spot Finish Application
* Scratch Removal * Finish Care.

Next course dates: TBA.

Location: Edinburgh, UK. Other dates available subject to demand, including Saturday Courses by special arrangement.